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Our rate is $5495 CAD for a six day trip to Crooks Lake. The package price includes ground transportation in Goose Bay, accommodations (double occupancy) in Goose Bay, fly-in transportation (Goose Bay to the Camp), accommodations (double occupancy), meals, guides (one per two Anglers), fishing license, Internet and phone service. Not included are air transportation to Goose Bay, alcohol, mix and gratuities.
In order to reserve space, a $500 nonrefundable deposit is required at the time of booking. On or before October 15th, the deposit amount needs to be increased to 50 percent. The balance of your payment must be received by April 1.

Please Note: Floatplane operation in and out of Goose Bay is subject to Visual Flight Rules (VFR). Crooks Lake Lodge will not be responsible for accommodations in Goose Bay made necessary by poor flying weather. Your rate will not be reduced if, for any reason, your arrival at Goose Bay is delayed or if poor flying weather prevents you going directly to the Camp upon arrival at Goose Bay. By the same token, you will not be charged for extra time spent at Camp due to inclement weather.

Fishing Dates Available for 2020!

Date Species Availability

June 11 - June 17 Speckled Trout/Northern Pike 5 RODS AVAILABLE

June 17 - June 23 Speckled Trout/Northern Pike SOLD OUT

June 23 - June 29 Speckled Trout/Northern Pike SOLD OUT

June 29 - July 2 Speckled Trout/Northern Pike SOLD OUT

July 2 - July 7 Speckled Trout/Northern Pike SOLD OUT

July 7 - July 14 Speckled Trout/Northern Pike SOLD OUT

July 14 - July 21 Speckled Trout/Northern Pike 4 RODS AVAILABLE

July 21 - July 28 Speckled Trout/Northern Pike 6 RODS AVAILABLE


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To book your Crooks Lake Lodge adventure, or to simply ask us a question, please complete the following form:

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For reservations and general inquiries please submit the above form or Contact Mike Crosby by phone: 902-830-1643 or by email:

During the summer months, we recommend that you contact Mike by email, as most of the time while in Labrador, there will be no cell service. 

Our head office address is:
Crooks Lake Lodge
107 Farmers Dairy Lane, Bedford, NS, b4b2c9